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Eckhart Tolle aligns with Oprah for New Earth

This was surprising news. It does not seem that these two people would be compatible. However, it has happened and they have conspired to produce a weekly class on the Internet.

Eckhart is a spiritual teacher who has written books such as “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth”. I’ve read this books and would classify them as some of the most direct spiritual messages I’ve read. I’ve read others like Anthony DeMello and Richard Bach but Eckhart is more direct.

A New Earth – Oprah Book Club web site

Just tonight I’ve been reading the transcript of the first class. Very interesting discussion that reflects on chapter one. It is taking longer than expected to get through it. You might prefer to watch the video instead which is also there.

If you are willing to align with the class time, you can actually participate with Oprah and Eckhart and ask questions over Skype. During the first class Oprah took several calls.

It’s worth reading if you like spiritual stuff and are actually more interesting in creating a better life (the life you were meant to live). It spells out the intent of the next phase of human existence. The age of ego is coming to a close one way or another. Let’s just hope we get there in time.