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1991 Greater Extremes

The original purpose of the tape is revealed as an exploration of computer technology used by people.  The ideas probably came from a 1983 essay I wrote at university about computers being tools.  It seems like a long time ago to be thinking about things like this.

1991 Greater Extremes

This one is only two minutes long.


1991 Tape – Being Alive

As it turns out, most of the tape will survive on the web.  It is a small audience and it was a long time ago.

This section temporarily attempts to ask some big questions.  

1991 Being Alive

It is highly unlikely that any political candidate would put a tape like this on the web.  It would be likely to offend at least a few.  Luckily I will never run for office. 🙂

1991 Grasshopper Philosophy

Deep from the archives comes another segment from the 1991 tape.

This one is called the “Grasshopper Philosophy” and captures more of a environmental flavour.   It is fairly obvious that I was much younger then.  However, much of this still seems true to me even after nearly twenty years passing (okay, 17 really).

The segment is around 11 minutes long and 10MB in size so having broadband certainly will help.