Born in the heartland of America, and having grown up in places like Illinois and Arizona, Jeff now lives in Australia with his wife and three children.  Jeff works in the computing industry and strangely enough works from home.

The Internet has dramatically changed Jeff’s life and the book should be coming out sometime in 2010.  For those of you that want to read the previews, just stick around this blog over the next couple of years.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. You gotta tell me how you got from Humboldt to Australia – I am dieing of curiousity! What did your folks do in the Humboldt area for awhile? Did you move out of the area while still in school? Or, maybe you never lived there and just visited when seeing your grandparents, the Diamonds?

  2. My mother grew up in Humboldt. She is Nancy (Diamond) Muir and the daughter of Helen and Harvey Diamond. She would have graduated from Humboldt in 1961 except she went to Crookston (?) instead for the last two years of high school.

    I only lived briefly in Humboldt as a toddler.

    However, Humboldt always felt like home. I wrote about this in a post a bit back.

    I currently live in Australia and this is largely due to two factors. I always wanted to come to Australia and my wife happened to live there when we first met (August 19 post).

    It’s a great country and from my American upbringing it is still a small, young, and growing country.

  3. Hi Jeff,

    I don’t know if you remember me, Pat Schumacher from woodstock. I think we may have been in reading together with Mr. Peters at Northwood. The strangest name popped into my head today…Mario Materazzo. I stumbled on your blog and read with sadness about your last encounter with him.

    Anyway, it’s always great to see an old acquantance’s name. Hope you’re well.

    Pat Schumacher-Barnett

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