The Unexpected Twist

The Unexpected Twist

Life does not always go to plan. A few months ago, I discovered that my employer had changed its mind about our group. The result would mean the end of our time at that company.

Unfortunately, this was quite a shock, even though there were some warning signs from last year. Not much needs to be said. Besides that, not much could be said regardless.

It was unexpected how I would be handle this. Overall, things have been good. In a way, it is like getting a long holiday. However, it is amazing how strong the desire is to work on something.

Have informally looking for work but have the luxury of being a bit picky about the next move. Given the amount of possible paths, it is hard to just focus on one. Based on professional advice, it appears the best fit is to get a job in a similar role instead of changing careers into another field.

Surprisingly, it is difficult to write a decent resume. It takes a great deal of polish to come forward with a distinguished representation of your work life.

To sum it up, it is humbling experience to lose a job. The redeeming factor is that it was not directed at anyone in particular but rather a cost-cutting venture.

The resolution of this situation seems to be in sight. Perhaps it is too soon to call.

What I have to remember is that there is more time to ponder this and that I really should take the advice of taking time off instead of always thinking about the next company and job. Good advice, but difficult to achieve.


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