Month: September 2008

Easier But Vulnerable

Going through old stuff typically brings back memories.  Sometimes there are surprises.  Over time I have thrown away several audio tapes which didn’t have any value to me anymore.  I have enough stuff so I really don’t want to keep that which is not worth keeping.

To my surprise, I found a tape with a man speaking.  It was a very different style and for quite some time I couldn’t figure out where it had come from.  About half way through I realized it was me based on some references to Delray Beach.

Then I figured that it must have been around 1991 which is close to the time when I wasn’t watching any TV.  At some point I must have figured that it would be a good idea to start a tape.  It was also about this time that I was in IBM Showbiz Club plays and needed to practice speaking for longer times.  

In this case I spoke for an hour and a half on the tape.  I wrote over the first side of the tape but the second half is still intact.  It’s weird to listen to since so many things have changed since then.  However, certain messages came through.

This small clip reveals an insight into our drive for simplicity.

1991 Simpler but Vulnerable

The point is that the desire for making things easier also leads to depending (and being vulnerable) on the things which make it easier.  It comes back to the ancient phrase where a slave becomes a master.  This aspect of our lives becomes more and more true as the technology and energy needed to live our lives expands.

Initially I was considering putting the whole 45 minutes up here but have since decided that it is better to focus on the interesting bits.