Month: March 2008

Fictional World

Occasionally, I write fiction.  I openly admit that I am not very good at it but I have fun just the same.  Usually the fictional writing reflects thoughts and theories about how the world works.

This particular story is fairly recent.  I wrote it as an email to my friend Steve Joyce.  It is inspired from the idea of dreamtime.

Here it is:

Eons ago, a child was left alone.  This child knew nothing and yet was expected to live on its own.  With nothing to guide him, he began to make his own choices.  It was important to live so he found food.  It was important to sleep so he made a simple bed.  The child knew nothing but he learned.

Some of his choices were wrong but he just shrugged them off and tried again.  There was no one to tell him he was wrong anyhow so he really didn’t mind making mistakes.

Time passed and he learned he could dream.  Not only could he dream, but he could day dream with the most amazing clarity and inspiration.  Soon his dreams consumed his waking and his sleeping hours with full absorbtion.

In his mind, he made things.  Many things were inspired from what he knew but many things were new as well.  He created in his mind a world.  In this world he lived as we live.  He would see and do as if he was actually of that world.  It was freedom and he did not feel alone.  His mind was all he needed and he could create whatever he wanted.

One day something strange happened.  Something very troubling.  One of his creations talked back to him.  This creation was a person which he had been following much like many other people he had watched.  What disturbed him was that this dream figure was acting very different from how he had imagined.

This dream woman challenged this creation.  This woman saw the weaknesses and flaws and called them to the front.  The boy was hurt and angry that any dream of his, under his control, would every fight back.  He lashed out and accused the woman of not knowing what she was talking about.  The woman received this advice and replied that he was wrong.  The child, yelling out in anger said “How dare you challenge me.  Just who do you think you are?”

The answer came back, in slow calm tones “We are your parents.  We have come back for you.”

“Why did you ever leave me?”

“We never left you… We just wanted you to learn for yourself.”

The boy is overcome with emotion and confusion.  He has been caught playing god with a world that has become real.  His parents want him to understand.  So, they send him into the world he has created to live among that which has been created.  They know that he needs to see what he has done.

The boy descends fully into this world.  He is now an active participant in what happens.  His parents are still there watching but they are not interfering. They are hoping the boy will do the right things.

The boy is still confused, but he is learning.  That which you create is not always meant to be under your control.  All that exists has a sum of zero and infinity at the same time.  There is no point in trying to force imbalance for a world that will balance itself.

Finally, the boy is not alone.  He is finally beginning to understand the meaning of his life.  As he grows, he feels the life inside of him burning like a fire.  Slowly, he is beginning to radiate like the sun.  He is becoming the healer he was always meant to be.  And, the first person he needs to heal is himself.  The rest will be easy.