Michael’s Phoenix: New Starts and Growth

[Chapter 11 – Last one]

All the information previously given is unnecessary if you simplify the whole process by caring for and loving self and all others without restriction regardless of race, sex, national origin, political philosophy or religious philosophy.  This caring melts the ice within and removes the barriers.

There are three major ways of dealing with emotional problems.  Suppression, expression and understanding.  Knowing when and how to use each method is very important to the development and maintenance of your peace within.

Understanding why some particular situation occurs is normally the method of choice.  There are times, however, in these growth situations when understanding is difficult and another method must be used.

Expression is useful in communication but seldom in any other way.  Discuss the problem with the person or persons involved.  Do whatever needs to be done to release the pressure as long as it does not harm self or other beings.

As a last resort suppression of your feelings may be necessary to prevent harm, but make sure that you do not dwell on it and that you give it your deepest understanding for suppression builds inner stress and must be alleviated in some manner.  Anything that increases stress levels builds blocks to the inner being and can create illness in the body.

When you begin to understand that other beings do not understand when they do acts harmful to self or others you have made a giant step forward on your road to inner peace.  The more comfortably you learn to deal with those parts of your life that have caused great stress the quicker you will find that inner peace.

The light reflection from your pupil area and the reflective quality of the iris area is ways of monitoring the growth of your internal energy.  The more you help your self and others the quicker the reflective qualities grow.  Internal peace and a lack of pain are also indications of your growth.  As your life smooths out you will also notice an increase in the number of people that you meet with high reflective qualities and positive loving attitudes.

As we help each other we grow much more quickly to master of self-status.  Each person that raises his or her happiness and peace level helps all others on the planet raise their comfort level.  As comfort arrives more openness of worldview occurs and the happenings around us become much more clear and easy to understand.

New starts must be encouraged to follow their inner guidance.  Deep within each of us is a warm loving person that can be cultivated, gentled and encouraged to fulfill our fondest dreams of a rich full life.

Gambling on your self is a good bet.  Depending on others to do it for you is a slow uncertain path.  Depth is only found if you actively seek it.  Pleasant atmospheres particularly in the presence of those you care for is conductive to rapid comfortable opening.

Pain, suffering and illness including body disorders are unnecessary in growth patterns.  An awareness that you no longer have to accept illness is a major step in gentle growth.

The decision that anger and pain do not serve you can have a similar effect in improvements of attitudes.

Inspect the way you treat other beings and search within to see if you would accept that treatment from others.  If the answer is no then a reevaluation of your behavior patterns is in order.

Direct vocal communication between beings is the most efficient method of repairing problems.  Richness is within all of us and positive reinforcement for self and other beings is a great help in building self-confidence and the ability to see life more clearly.

Live, love and be happy for today you may begin to live the life you deserve.  Always keep your hope and faith and never give up.  Day by day and moment by moment make those choices that serve your happiness.

T-H-E   B-E-G-I-N-N-I-N-G


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