Michael’s Phoenix: Inner Guidance

[Chapter 10]

Planet safety must be assured by a gentling of all beings and things. We must approach problem solving in a gentler manner. We must not continue to waste human lives. Now is the time to get all things assembled for gentle loving growth of awareness.

A rapid decline in world deaths would bring an awareness of the higher power within us all. People are so used to a fixed or semi-fixed rate of disaster that a sudden cessation of loss of life would open many minds, eyes, ears and hearts.

Transition time has arrived for all those who can help bring awareness of the value of world peace. They can be of great assistance in bringing others to their peace and acceptance. Those that are already peaceful must help where their particular expertise is the most valuable.

Energy emissions by loving whole beings are safe. They are not harmful to any. The acceptance of that energy can bring peace quickly.

Those that resist that openness will find it more and more difficult to operate not because they are doing anything wrong but because more are doing things so well. The lack being experienced by those in growth patterns is short lived because the energy and consciousness is increasing so fast.

God has been blamed for many things that have been contrived by beings for unknown reasons. What they do not understand is that they have created their problems and their pain collectively.

There is nothing wrong with material advancement but when it occurs at the expense of other beings comfort and self growth then it also hurts the growth of the being perpetrating the distortion. Attempt to fit into the world with gentleness and caring and the world will flow with you. Material growth from this point of view will be extremely rewarding. Help those you can help without hurting your self.

As your particular energy field becomes gentle that energy will help others to understand and learn how to gentle their energy fields. Others can release the blocks and limits that they have been imposing when they find the richness residing in you because you have released the need for blocks and limits.

This is the place for human as well as spiritual growth. If you accelerate one without the other you will begin to have very large problems within the total self.

We must help dispel the nasty rumors that departure is desirable. Any truth in that belief would have been confirmed by now by the number of open loving beings coming to oneness and departing. But those beginning to find their one self are gaining health and stamina to assist others. We must stay and grow aware to be able to help each other.

Do not depend on each other but assist each other. Dependency is expecting someone else to do for you. Assisting is helping another or being helped by another without expectation.

Awareness is interpreted as threatening by souls that do not understand sharing. It is not hazardous to any to develop clear awareness. We are all here on a lease system. We must not use up our life by confusing growth with problems. Even now the problems encountered with the growth of awareness are minor compared to life in stagnation or living in fear.

Free will only works when you get mind, body and soul on the same crossing points in synchronization.

Healthy happy beings become aware of their reality so much more quickly than do tense stress filled beings.

As the forerunners of this experience break out the patterns of restrictions by others they will be able to assist those following close behind with financial and spiritual support. As soon as the restrictions are removed the quality of life will improve for all not resisting their awareness.


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