Michael’s Phoenix: Amorous Males

[Chapter 9]

There are many male beings quietly seeking loving females. Many have been overlooked or misunderstood for they are not aggressive. Many fit the descriptions quoted by females as desirable but they are frequently bypassed for their more aggressive and sometimes more obnoxious brothers. When the females in general begin to see these beings as the supportive beings they can be, many relationships can bloom.

An acceptance of female equality by the males and females of the world will enhance rich relationships.

Natural fears exist to protect a being from harm. A lack of unnatural fear can bring many males to their awareness of wholeness and their reality as an amorous love force on this planet. Only their suppressions can prevent awareness of the riches inside and out.

Surrounded by the beautiful females, it will be very difficult to continue any distortion. There are many peaceful male beings patiently waiting for the female halves to arrive in their lives.

Generally males have as much emotional depth as do females and they are growing much more aware of this. The females are becoming more independent and more intellectually aware of their being.

Balanced beings are developing from both sides of the complementary pairs. The males can quickly quell the fears instilled and the females can rapidly teach the males warmth and tenderness.

Gentle the emotions and find peace within. The motivation of caring is deep and rich and can help if you let it. Search your heart for the depth of your feelings and let them combine with logic to find the new world that already exists within each of us. The deeper we search the more likely we will find peace and happiness.

It is not difficult to find. It is a matter of coming to a gentle peace and the inner feelings lose the distortions and begin to flow gently and calmly. The guidance becomes more effective with inner peace. The worldview becomes different and gentler with the understanding of self and others.

All are supremely important and all must be supported and promoted if we are to succeed. We wish to be full functioning human beings full of the stuff that brings understanding and gentleness to self and others. Never forget self but do not put self above others or others above self.

All are equally important no matter which sex, race, nationality, politics or religion. All are acceptable as long as you are not stepping on your partners on this planet. Accept your total being as it is.

Anything that does not hurt self or others is acceptable. Suppression only increases blockages of the inner self and the guidance that can bring great and wise understanding into your life.

Do not suppress those things that bring happiness and joy to your life. A zest for life is very important to internal growth and happiness.


2 thoughts on “Michael’s Phoenix: Amorous Males

  1. Trish,
    I’m sure my Dad would love to hear this. He struggled to write this book back in 1987 but couldn’t get any interest in publishing it.

    Every time I read it, I see something new and I can’t help but admire how he did it. His writing does seem very inspired. Somehow, it is also very different from what you would typically see, even now.

    He didn’t write more after this book. I think he realized that the world wasn’t ready for such advice yet.

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