Michael’s Phoenix: Amorous Females

[Chapter 8 of Michael’s Phoenix. Written by my Dad in 1987]

Many females have all the essence of complete beings but have to battle the fear and self-judgment instilled in them by the cultures of the world.  It is not useful to assess blame for this phenomenon for it only increases the separation.  Now are the times to be supportive of these beautiful beings that have been carrying excessive loads for far too long.

The continuous flow of warmth and love radiating from deep within the soul creates a very strong attraction to the male half of all beings.  This creates a warmth and tenderness in all uncomplicated males.  Sometimes the signals emanating from the female beings do not match the conscious actions of the outer being.  Much confusion fills both the females and the male when this occurs because there is serious conflict in the messages arriving at the different levels.

Many females, because of cultural suppressions, think poorly of their self and most are just fine the way they are.  Supportive men can help alleviate these insecurities and fears and help the female beings come to comfortable happy connection rapidly.  There is seldom a problem that cannot be solved with gentle persistent love without restriction or control.

All flows gently when you have even the smallest spark of self-confidence.  Build on what you do have and allow your true feelings to leak through so you can find your peace without fear or restriction.  When in a hyper state slow down, take a deep breath and find some peace so that your true feelings have an opportunity to come to consciousness.

Do not despair.  Life is rich and deep and we are all much better than we ever knew.  As time unfolds our little mysteries, we will find more meanings to our lives.  We are here to learn and to be happy while we learn.

Depth and height have no limit.  Only what you impose on your self and each other.  Go for it.  It’s worth it.  Feel the healing.  It is warm and wonderful.

Gentle affection does as much for self as it does for others and both are equally important.  Dump the garbage from your life.  Down deep are the answers that you are seeking.

All are beautiful and are drawn to warm centers of affection and love to learn how they can be warm centers.  As one grows, all grow.  So individual happiness is as important as group happiness.

Plumb the depths and find your answers.  Not always the quickest most efficient way to awareness but at least a part of you that can help if it wishes.  That does not mean that all answers are solved instantly but it starts a new growth that is rich.

Believe that you are a beautiful being and that the conscious part of you is as important and as energetic as the inner part of you.  When all aspects of you are working together for self-happiness great improvements are available.

Self is so important that suppression can prevent growth.  Unless you are happy it is extremely difficult to share much with anyone else.  A view of your past may provide clues as to how you can improve you overall happiness and future relationships.

There are no rules or limits.  Only those you impose on your self or accept from other beings.  Pay attention to your inner guidance and seek the smoothest path to your happiness.  We all have the energy and feelings to love many unrestricted and have to choose for our self what does work comfortably.  Each being is important to its self and to those with whom they share their space.


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