Michael’s Phoenix: Growth Of Spiritual Wisdom

[Michael’s Phoenix – written by my Dad in 1987 – Chapter 7]

Spiritual guidance can be good or useless depending on the wisdom gained by the spiritual aspects of each particular individual.  Wise guidance brings awareness with love and comfort.  Some leadership brings pain, suffering and chaos into the life of the being from which the guidance originates.

Many pages in the spiritual book have areas that need improvement.  If we had all the learning we needed there would be another place and another experience to live since life is the form where growth and energy exists in phase linear time.  No growth exists outside of linear time.  Linear time is the essence of life and growth.

High-speed growth has to be balanced or the human side loses valuable learning or loses comfort, both of which are necessary to be able to continue the spiritual growth and understanding to a level where unlimited access to self is a growth process that never stops.  It continues in flesh as long as that being has any purpose.

Warmth within starts with the ice melting around the heart.  Quality spiritual wisdom brings excellence with gentleness and understanding without harm to the host.  Loss of useful tools and increase in fear levels build interior walls of heavy gauge steel.  It takes a lot of love to overcome heavy blocks built of and with fear.  Gentle internal guidance can melt heavy barriers quickly and provide protection for the host as well as to enhance rapid but comfortable learning.

Openness and internal comfort are realms of the spirit and can be brought about wisely or can be triggered in such a way as to increase the fear which often causes a loss of growth and a closing of awareness that we all need to maintain comfort without fortresses or heavy defenses.

The heavier and larger the defense line we build the harder it is to see the reality that surrounds us as it really is, not as it appears to be.  Looking at others through a wall of fear is like trying to see your reflection in a shattered mirror.

Promote no blood, gore or violence.  Teach only love, caring, sharing and peace within.  Share what you have that is peaceful and fix that which is not.  Accept self and others without judgment.  Work to improve what you feel about your self first and then work to improve what you are by following gentle inner guidance.  When you can change something for the better, do so.  Those things that you cannot change you must learn to accept as a reality that exists and have the patience to be able to wait for an opportunity to try to improve an undesirable situation.

Remove the limits and you may find the limits of others dissolving also.  When you judge others as weird or crazy it may be that you are missing something important that they are trying to communicate.  Check your limits to see if your view is too limited to accept the views of others as stepping-stones to a richer happier life.

When you put all the hope of a better life in the hereafter basket what are you going to do when you find out you still did not do it all?  You have the power, energy and presence now to grow to a great potential of high energy and light in your life.  Do not waste this opportunity.  Sort out what works for you, shelf what does not.  Live, love and be happy long enough to view your growth.  There is plenty of time to be miserable if you cannot find your life has improved beyond measure.

Occasionally openness of spirit is as difficult as the openness of the human aspect.  We can choose to walk as one or we can continue our deceptions and distortions for as long as we wish.  Do not continue so long that you miss out on what is happening now.  The now is the only time you live.  The past is history and the future only functions from what you do now.  Open your view and your love.  This may be the last opportunity to get it reset in a way that works.

None of us wish to continue making the same mistakes for infinity.  Gather all your infinities in one place and synchronize them to find your truth and your guidance to a richer, happier and more aware way of living.  Climb within your self to solve your problems and be available to help others with their problems when they request help.  When you do not understand the total self, the loads can get heavier than you want to carry.

Numbers can have significance if you lead a synchronous life.  They may be just a symbol of your synchronicity or they may be additional messages sent by other beings as supportive communication.

We all have many levels of inner operation that we are not currently able to define for we have no words or previous experience with which to bring full understanding.  Just the awareness that they exist is enough to keep up learning.  We are now covering new ground and experiences never before uncovered so it takes a lot of patience and understanding of each other to keep the learning moving forward.

The many levels within must synchronize with each other to gentle the life and bring out the warmth and love energy that we all are capable of sharing.  As we learn the paths we travel,  the growth of energy with gentleness can improve our individual environments.

If we do not achieve gentleness we are restricted to a very low level of energy or it would create chaos in the world.  We are all brothers and sisters and must be empathetic to each other’s needs to be able to assist our self and other beings inner growth.  Richness in feelings and living await those that grow to the fullest levels of awareness.

The inner self has many answers when tempered with conscious love and gentleness.  That start can be the basis of dramatic growth and awareness of what can be.

Some believe that we must go through the trials and tribulations of fear, hate and anger but that time has already past when those qualities have any growth value.  There are not enough aware beings available to handle the spiritual freak-outs that can occur from that course of action and that amount of pain and suffering.

Openness to self starts a rapid growth within and viewing the world can facilitate the outer growth.  The micro-macro philosophy is a valid philosophy and what happens inside can happen outside if the being is willing to help self and other beings view and understand it.

All are part of the whole and our views and opinions can affect many other beings – in extreme cases all other beings.  Keep in mind the kind of world you would like to live in if you happened to be the least aware being on earth!

There is a lot of caring developing in the world around us.  Tune in and tune up.  Bring all parts of our self along.  Leave nothing behind.  Remember suppression builds walls that bind us.

Open in your world what you would like to find in the whole outer world beyond your personal self.  See in others what you would like to find your self and then develop in you what you would like to find in the whole world.

Enjoy what does work and do not worry about what does not.  You can do what you can to improve those things that are not working in your life but worrying about them disturbs your peace.  Patience and persistence in the process of solving problems prevents serious disturbances in growth.  Bold growth in your love and wisdom evolvement can bring clear views of the new world.


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