Michael’s Phoenix: Teaching Love

[Written by my Dad in 1987.  This is Chapter 5 of “Michael’s Phoenix”]

Teaching love is a privilege of all unrestricted love beings.  One of the easiest ways to teach love is to promote within the gentle quality of loving others enough to allow each to be its self even if it does not agree with your particular way of thinking or doing.  Open love of another helps him or her to learn they can also love gently with tolerance.

That does not mean that you have to share a close space with them, but that you hold no limitations on each as each learns about its self and others in this world.  Magic happens when you love others without restriction and follow your gentle inner guidance.

Teaching others with love is an important step for self and helps both the teacher and student.  Since no one ever teaches without learning, both are always teacher and student.

Teaching a being to limit its self can be harmful to others and to self.  Inner limits in the student may be less than in the teacher so promoting the teachers limits is a reversal of the learning process.  Anything that is not harmful to self or others is acceptable in growth patterns.  The purpose of teaching love is to take limits off, not add new limits.

There is no limit to how much you can love others or how much they can love in return.  Unrestricted flow of action when following inner desires has a fantastically elevating quality that lifts the spirits and expands the energy field that you radiate.  When you feel the warm gentle field of another being it is not something to fear but a feeling to learn how to enjoy and relish.

Tender loving care of those around you with enough empathy to tolerate the misconceptions or misunderstandings they may have about you is essential as your growth progresses.

Your personal energy will grow rapidly as your being becomes more closely tuned to the total self.  It is very important that you eliminate the negative aspects of your personality.  A strong negative reaction to a situation can have harsh results in self and others when you have a high level of inner connection.  Sending love thoughts when others commit or attempt to commit negative acts can have a beneficial effect on the situation.

Improve your energy and your qualifications to teach others by easing your pressures and stress.  The peaceful approach to life brings many beautiful experiences and many beautiful people with whom to share those experiences.

Open your heart to your inner self.  Find what heightens your enjoyment and share the unrestricted love with others.  The game of life can be a rich rewarding experience.  It only ends when you give up.  The game of love is fun.  You can experience joy, rich inner feelings, depth of personality and riches beyond imagination.

When you get so serious that you have no enjoyment of life you lose the message that you are seeking.  This life was always meant to be enjoyable and entertaining.  Boredom and loneliness can create a serious loss of the inner being.  When you have a lot of love to share and do not attempt to share it you lose and those with whom you could have shared lose also.  Your inner energy rises rapidly when you share you with one or more others.

Listening to the limits of others when they are having great difficulty with their enjoyment of the world can open your eyes and ears to the reasons why they are not having a happy life.  It may also help you view some limitations that you have imposed on your life that is not helping you to more happiness.


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