Michael’s Phoenix: Combined Human/Spiritual Love

[Written in 1987 by my Dad. This is chapter 6 of “Michael’s Phoenix”.]

Spiritual love is sometimes more selective than the human host. Other times it is just the opposite. When they arrive together on the same person or persons a very special situation exists where an intimate relationship hits new highs and feelings are rich and deep. That feeling can be equated to what is sometimes termed soul mate status.

It occurs when both the spiritual and human components of both beings are compatible and complimentary. Extremely large growth normally accompanies relationships of this category.

Many beings can reach soul mate status by just being compatible at the spiritual and the human level. Eventually as the planet becomes more peaceful any two beings may be capable of the energy and acceptance level of soul mates.

Discussion of feelings and philosophies of life is a valuable exchange. Arguments and fights are so negative that they cancel any learning process and cause a loss of sensitivity to each other. Exchange between each other true feelings with great tolerance for each person’s autonomy and right to beliefs and inner guidance. It would be a boring world if we agreed on everything all the time. Also the great creativity available would be lost from the different knowledge and experience if respect for those levels were not maintained and accepted.

When we accept each other’s right to love any and all at any level we feel, then we all gain an openness and acceptance of each other that has been seldom experienced but is very rich and deep.

Jealousy is not a true measure of love but a lack of security within and the lack of comfort in the love of another. Attempted control of another being almost always ends in a relationship disaster. If you truly love someone you must allow that being to be free.

Freedom and peace arrive for the being practicing unrestrictive love. If another truly loves you they will not purposely do anything to cause you pain or discomfort. Up front truth can set the basics for a relationship that has no limit or restriction.

Rest and recreation are necessary parts of growth and awareness. Good company can enhance the growth of awareness. The love energy is a fantastic growth opportunity when coordinated on all levels in both beings. Each gets from it what they want and need for as long as it lasts.

A depth of feelings accompanies any level of compatibility. The relationship will be deeper and richer if both beings have come to any level of their inner peace.

A relationship where neither being attempts to control the other is the strongest expression of love and respect for each beings individuality and equality that can be currently expressed. More depth and levels will be learned later after we learn this first very important lesson about our self and others.

Blend the rainbows within us in a positive energy of caring and sharing instead of the energy of separation and jealousy. We are all very rich within and need to shovel the years of dust, dirt and ice off our feelings and logic to find what works for each of us as the rich individuals that we are.

We need to care for our individuality enough to prevent acceptance of abuse from others. No matter how loving and caring we are to the rest of the world there are always some beings that do not understand at any level and they can be abusive. We do not have to accept their abuses.


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