Michael’s Phoenix: Love Connection

[This is Chapter 4 of “Michael’s Phoenix” written by my Dad in 1987]

All aspects of the human personality require love for fulfillment and happiness. Any resistance in the attempt to give and receive love without reservation creates frustration and pain in the body as well as the mind and soul of the individual being. Any attempt to restrict the amount of love you feel for self or others creates internal blocks in your emotions.

You may choose to love many others freely even if you cannot be close to them because of their limitations. All humans have to love at least one other human intimately in order to function happily and maintain the body and soul in excellent condition.

Many humans have had many judgments forced on them by well meaning beings. Once accepted as their values they have great difficulty understanding the value of unlimited intimate love shared with another human. The distortions of judgments on self and others prevent the fulfillment of love and happiness within.

With the distortions of judgment the mind can substitute an almost endless variety of excuses to keep its needs satisfied but leave the body and soul unfulfilled. The mind can override for a period of time the inputs from the body and soul. The stress of continuing the deception will eventually show up in an almost forced intimate situation. When the mind blocks this position the problem will frequently change to some type of serious body discomfort or body damage. Wise souls work with more subtle and gentle methods of mind leadership.

A love relationship requires respect for each beings rights and equality. A relationship without respect is filled with fighting or control and abuse. A relationship filled with fighting and abuses has no way of finding its growth toward full love and happiness. We are all equal inside and need to have enough love for our individual existence to require others to treat us as well as they expect to be treated.

There is a misconception prevalent in many beings that there is ranking of superior to inferior. That is not a truth. We are all equal and only have different awareness (or perception) levels of our existence. That can create the false attitude that she (or he) is too good for me. That attitude can prevent a relationship from starting that otherwise could enhance both beings feelings of love and growth. An open love relationship where both wish to learn deeper feelings and warmer attitudes can grow very quickly for both.

Many people mask their feelings thinking that if others knew them as they really were they would be an outcast. The mask they often wear hides the real beautiful self from others at the conscious level and creates such cross currents of feelings in others that understanding between them is extremely difficult. Removal of the mask can bring out the real person that others can be close to with a clearer warmer understanding.

The biggest tragedy of life is to bypass a relationship that has everything going for it because one or both of the beings have a fear of involvement. There are many situations that are good enough to be true and there is no reason to fear a growth of a love feeling. The need to control the love feeling stifles the relationship and prevents growth. There is an abundance of love in the world once you open your mind, eyes, ears and heart to its existence.

We choose to hurt ourselves in a love relationship when we limit our self or others. Understanding that you can love another even if you cannot be with them can remove the pain you would otherwise feel. That understanding can open you to new and richer love relationships quickly. A rich love with a friend can be the most peaceful warm relationship ever experienced. Tolerance for each person’s individual personality differences is a major growth in each person’s awareness of what is really important in life.

Any that have experienced a rich love relationship may have noticed an improvement in their physical body during that relationship. An increase in richness of hair, shine of the eyes and glow and warmth of the skin accompanies many rich and deep love relationships. A stabilization of the aging process or a reduction of physical age can also be present when an unlimited love of self and others is present.

Attempted manipulations of each other in a love relationship for any reason only weakens the feeling of love and stops growth. Speaking your feelings is important to release the limits imposed by self or others but both the speaker and the spoken to must understand the words and feelings for growth to result. Listening to yourself during communication can be as important to self as it is to the one for whom the communication was intended. Many things are said in communication that when understood by the speaker may not be what was intended but may be what was truly felt.

Bring your self to the understanding that gentle communication with another can bring a mutual understanding of what is really desired to the consciousness of both. Love blooms when anger and fear fade. We all have a deep capability to love many at any level desired and frequently are only limited by our rules or rules of others.

Accept that rules of others may work for them but may not be right for another individual. We have the full ability to adjust rules or eliminate rules for our self. Continuous adjustment of rules and limits for self and elimination of rules and limits for others opens new avenues of awareness.

Anything that does not truly harm self or others can be allowed in your life if you desire it. Keep in mind that we choose to hurt ourselves in love relationships and that choice is also available to others. The next time another person says you hurt me do not accept that responsibility until you view the reason and find out whether you were truly inconsiderate; or was it their choice to blame you for an inconsiderate attitude that they hold? Major food for thought.

When you care what happens to others it is difficult to do malicious or inconsiderate acts. Warm love for self and others brings a gentleness and understanding that makes anger and emotional disturbances unnecessary. The higher level of peace you feel within yourself the closer you are to total fulfillment of self and the closer you are to your inner guidance.

A rich love openly developed can release one or both of the individuals involved in that love growth. An open unrestricted love between two or more individuals rings basic connection faster and more comfortably than any other method. When the connection is made the truth about what you really feel and what works beings to emerge. Following that leadership continues your growth to a more open view of your world and your love.

A basic happiness in your love relationships brings out the creativity or your soul and begins a new phase in the richness and happiness of life. There is no known limit to level of love you can feel for self and others and with that growth comes higher and higher levels of creative and rich living. As your love deepens you begin spreading that richness around you much like circular ripples forming from a pebble dropped on a mirror pond. That energy spreads even if no words are spoken. The energy spreads even faster when your feelings of life are expressed in gentle loving communications.

Removal of limits in love relationships cannot be overemphasized. It is basic to the rapid but comfortable awareness of self and others in this very complex yet simple world that we share. Acceptance of the rights of other beings to love where and how it works is another major growth step in awareness. Each day is a new day and must be lived as fully as your creative self can develop for you.


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