Michael’s Phoenix: Rainbox Connection

[Excerpt from Michael’s Phoenix. Written by my Dad in 1987. This is chapter 3.]

RAINBOWS are connected full functioning human beings. They are happy loving persons that know how to love others without expecting to be loved in return. They listen to their feelings and speak their minds in a gentle loving manner. They wish harm to no one and understand that when action is directed against them that others do not understand.

Full functioning means that all parts of the mind, body and soul are satisfied and peaceful. If you equate peaceful with the word perfection then you are beginning to grasp the importance of peace within.

Once the connection of mind, body and soul begin to flow smoothly together, the subconscious can open channels to higher and higher levels of consciousness of our essence or being. As this occurs it also opens channels to higher quality inner guidance.

This section deals with rainbow quality awareness so reference in this chapter to the mind, body and soul in this context will be assumed to be one and will be referred to as person, being or entity.

As the person grows on any level as a BALANCED being they will grow in all parts equally. As the mind grows the spirit grows. As the spirit grows the body grows. The use of the term grow means a higher awareness of self and in the case of the body it moves into position of health, durability and precision.

This author feels the term perfection has been abused so long that it is time to abandon the term and accept our self as it is and begin at that point to improve the expressions of each being into more constructive and positive directions for greater peace and happiness.

As the rainbow awareness rises, the different parts have the capability of communicating from each developed section to another being in the associated section for exchange of information and more rapid expansion of each.

Acceptance of your self as a rich being can aid in the process of greater understanding of self and others. We are all internally rich and have the ability to bring that forward to consciousness if we stop putting our self in the position of self-judgment. Self-judgment closes our ability to hear our inner guidance clearly.

There are presently aware beings in the world to aid and assist those searching for answers to questions that arise from the curious conscious mind. Wise inner guidance can lead each person to those beings that can help them remove blocks and limits to their awareness.

Some writings are useful to each being and some are useful to some beings but what each reads is up to the leadership of the evolving master of self. Many times just opening a book and reading only what the eyes fall on first may give the entire message needed for that moment. You will probably notice that as you evolve as a master of self you will find you are reading smaller and smaller amounts of more books to satisfy questions arising within.

There is so much information in the world today. Some is very limited and some is very distorted but within that large quantity of information is also a wealth of bits and pieces that are more valuable than gold or gems.

See that which unlocks your doors and limits. View the world as it expands with your awareness.

There are so many levels of body alone that it is difficult but also unnecessary to describe it in great detail. For right now let us describe it as four major divisions or stages of body development with unlimited graduation of levels with each subdivision.

As you pass from a stage I body to a stage II body you will notice an absence of disease of any type. To achieve this transition you will have to remove stress and all stress producing elements from your life. In most respects you will notice little else different except that you body is very comfortable most of the time. Stage II bodies also are totally controlled in density, weight and appearance from the very high level consciousness. The external expression of the body at this point depends on the needs of the evolving being and how it desires to exhibit itself.

Body positioning such as a finger on a word, sentence, paragraph, page, number or color may have great meaning to the inner being and is being expressed to the consciousness of the that being or to the consciousness of some other being. Other body part positioning can also have very great meaning. We all communicate with each other in a very wide variety of ways and communication of all levels between aware beings can have great significance for both.

The body reacts to the needs of the teaching of inner guidance or to the presence of another being that has needs or guidance. Most bodies react with precision when information needs to be transmitted in or out.

For the purpose of definition the spiritual part of each of us is that part that brings in information not previously known either from inner resources or from outside assistance and is that part of us previously described as the psychic or 6th sense part of us. We all possess that ability. Some beings are not yet aware that they use that ability in their daily lives. The process is much more complex than that but exact descriptions are not essential as long as you grasp the basic essence of the presentation.

Attempted manipulation of one being by another is detrimental to growth at any level. The attempt to control puts the manipulative being in a stress producing position. Anything that creates stress is damaging to any of all parts of that being. All beings have the right to their search for truth without interference. All beings searching for truth and spreading love should be supported at least in principle by those learning with them.

The mind is the way to finding your inner realities. Releasing the limits and rules of self and others brings peace quickly. Understanding what is not fulfilling and satisfying in your life can open the way to changes that do work. We are all individuals and what works for one may not work another. Quick observations of inner strengths of others will show that most that find new and better answers have no fear of something new and different. We can learn from the successes and failures of others but we must develop our inner creative spirit once we find our inner guidance.


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