Michael’s Phoenix: Affectionate Communication

[Excerpt from the book “Michael’s Phoenix” written by my Dad in 1987.  This is Chapter 2.]

We communicate with each other at many different levels simultaneously.  Frequently this communication is in direct conflict at the different levels because of different motivations at those various levels.  Only when we come to the total oneness of self can we communicate clearly with each other at all levels of understanding at least that the communication occurring at the very highest level is for the benefit of the persons involved.

Until we become aware of our different basic parts, we have an inactive very high level that has the capability to help us understand truth.  Only truth serves us and makes us mentally, spiritually and physically healthy.  Once the basic connection occurs the very high level energizes and helps re-balance those parts that are still a little off center due to distortions entered by other soul or human levels.

The more we care about what we are and how we can help ourselves and others the quicker we connect and have a high level of love to give and receive.  The healing that happens within others and us is nothing sort of miraculous at least within the conscious concepts of most beings at the time of this writing.

We affectionately communicate with those we care about on many levels.  The higher levels are currently described as psychic phenomena.  How it is perceived depends upon the amount of fear or distortion within the conscious and the subconscious.  With a lot of distortion a love communication can be translated to fear, anger, hate or jealousy – all very negative reactions to a pure love communication sent with nothing but the best of motivations.  Once negative responses have been cleared from the conscious and subconscious those messages come through as sent and the feelings inside are warm and loving.

When distortions exist within the two conscious access levels communications sent by thought and by vocal transmission are difficult to understand or interpret by even the most distortion free receiver.  The purpose here is to remove as much negative feeling from your self as possible so more accurate communication can occur.

There are many forms of psychic communication.  Most are pure love communications and are expressed in many more forms than previously described.  The individual receiving these communications has the ability to perceive them in the most useful form available as long as they have no fear or distortion.  The method of reception is not important as long as the sender and receiver have clear undistorted understanding.  The motivation of unlimited unchained love is the clearest and most fulfilling communication that can be sent or received.  It is the highest energy in the universe and when used with no desire for power can overcome the most negative situation.

Psychic phenomena passing from undistorted sender to undistorted receiver speeds the development and advancement of fulfilling unlimited love.  We can be of great assistance to each other in our growth and internal strength.  The use of psychic communication for other purposes has built in distortions and distractions from our growth to happiness.

Occasionally a psychic connection occurs at the soul level between a distorted being and a less distorted being for the purposes of healing the distortion.  When the less distorted person is unaware of the psychic connection within then the symptoms of illness without the illness is very puzzling.  Awareness of this connection aids in the healing of the symptoms and the healing of the psychically connected being.  An awareness of total self heals the physical and mental self and awareness of the connection heals the soul of the self-aware being.

First step in self-healing is removal of rules and limits imposed by others.  They frequently impose restrictions that they do not live themselves.  When their lives have room for large improvements in happiness it is very difficult to understand how they can seek to impose their rules and restrictions on others.  When you truly care about your self and others you are happy enough to love them and wish them the best but allow them to be free to find what they want for themselves.

Fear of loss is the most common problem in a love relationship.  When that fear is great enough it will cause such negative distortion that it will create the very loss that is feared.  Observations of your relationships or those around you prove that point so clearly that it cannot be ignored.  You cannot lose your love for another person, but you can choose to stop loving them.  So in reality you cannot lose the love that you yourself control.  You cannot improve what they feel for you by constant negative jealousy input to them.  You only make them uncomfortable about your motivations in controlling or at least attempting to control their feelings and actions.   You cannot control other people’s love, you can only accept or reject what they offer.


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