Michael’s Phoenix : Dad’s Book

Years ago, in 1987, my Dad wrote a book called “Michael’s Phoenix”. He intended to have the book published and shared with the general population but did not find anyone interested in publishing it. This is long before the Internet became popular and also predated the concept of self-publishing.

I learned of the book in 1999 and became very interested in what Dad had written about. Like most books, I did not fully agree with what was said but I did respect what he was trying to do. Dad tried to capture in writing the essence of being a better person in his own style.

We have talked about the book several times and I have asked him if it was okay to share this information on the web. He agreed years ago to this idea. I typed up the document and uploaded the file to our ISP web page. I assumed the content would take care of itself and that people would find it but this was extremely naive. It’s a common mistake for people to think that just because it is there, it will attract attention. Obviously advertising and marketing do serve a purpose unless you have an incredible word of mouth going on.

Skip ahead to the present. Recently I rediscovered the book in Word form and have decided to split the book into a post per chapter. Keep in mind that this was written in 1987 and that at the time this book would have been considered a bit outlandish. Even now some parts seem that way. Maybe some of this will always seem that way.

Regardless, Dad has told me several times that this helped him and that he was the primary beneficiary. However, I do believe that other people would benefit from his writing. In 1999, it did help me through a difficult time. Perhaps since we are similar it drew much more resonance.

It certainly would help to have an open mind. I also would say that if you find it difficult to read or understand that it is probably best just to ignore it. I think Dad was trying to target beyond the words to that part of you that can grasp what logic would typically refute.

To take care of his intro pages, I’m going to include them here and post the first chapter in the next post.

Michael’s Phoenix

By Michael Nen

A Vision Publication

(c) Copyright 1987

Vision Publishing

PO Box 444

Chloride, AZ 86431

Copying this material is allowed for any purpose except resale. Sole right to sell and distribute any and all materials in this book is retained by Vision Publishing and Michael Nen.


This is a tool to help bring peace to the teachers of the planet. Many beings have been hearing the same information but have been rejection oriented for so long that they give more credibility to the limits of others than they give to their PERSONAL GUIDANCE.

This book is intended to relieve stress in their beings and to give them at least one source of confirmation for what they have been learning.

If this book does not flow in the same direction as your guidance then this book has not been prepared for you.

Some have the spelling and grammatical construction has purposely violated rules of language for more clear communication.

Table of Contents

  1. Awareness of Total Self
  2. Affectionate Communication
  3. Rainbow Connection
  4. Love Connection
  5. Teaching Love
  6. Combined Spiritual/Human Love
  7. Growth of Spiritual Wisdom
  8. Amorous Females
  9. Amorous Males
  10. The Inner Guidance
  11. New Starts and Growth

One thought on “Michael’s Phoenix : Dad’s Book

  1. Very intriguing Jeff! It must be quite a revelation to have come across you Dad’s writing, I can appreciate the feeling of reading about something written by someone so close.

    Thanks for posting this, and from the intro it sounded like a great book to read, I am sure there are lots of things we can learn from it, or to relate to. Looking forward to reading the chapters.


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