Michael’s Phoenix: Awareness of Total Self

[From “Michael’s Phoenix” written by my Dad in 1987 – Chapter 1]

Within all of us is a beautiful person trying to be whole.  This person is made up of three basic parts; the mind, the body and the soul (or spirit).  They all operate somewhat independently until we become aware of their individual natures and learn how to put them back together as a single smoothly operating team of the total SELF.

Each of the three basic parts has many levels of operation and depth.  More detailed explanation of the way these work together will be explained later as it becomes more useful to the individual searching for the fulfilled happy self.

The sequence of growth is quite important to the individual beings comfort during growth.  Coming to peace with Self is critically important.  The emotional conditions of guilt, fear, worry, jealousy, anger and the impressions of need of control of exterior conditions keep the self separated in its three basic components.

Balanced growth of all components of self provides for a comfortable transformation to the oneness of the TOTAL SELF.  Providing that balance is the basic responsibility of the spirit of each individual being.  Most of the negatives previously listed are products of fear.  Fear of the unknown, fear of loss, fear of the future or fear of wrongdoing.  Love of your self and love of others without limiting or controlling them can quickly replace fear with faith and courage.

When you melt the ice from around your heart you will begin to find a world of beauty hiding within the world of pain and suffering.  People with a positive outlook begin to meet others with a positive outlook on life.  The more you believe that it is possible to have a joy filled life the more joy you will feel.

A centered balanced self will bring love of self to a level necessary to bring happiness within.  Until you are happy inside and have love and respect for yourself you have very little to share another.  Treat yourself as you would wish others to treat you and you will find your self-limitations disappearing.

When you are not treating others as you wish to be treated or they are not treating you as they wish to be treated you must inspect those relationships to shed some light on the problems in your life.

Judgments on self or others limit your happiness and sometimes limit the happiness of the others.  True they choose to accept that judgment and they could choose to reject but many have not yet learned how to deal with negative input from those they care about.  Allowing others to live their lifestyle in their way is a major step in allowing them to be in control of their destiny.

Anything that does not hurt others or us is acceptable.  Anything done with pure LOVE never hurts any.  When you have faith in yourself and faith in others you will begin to open your mind to your happiness.  You will find your definitions within you as you find what does work for you.

Love of those around you without attempting to limit or control them brings new very special friends and relationships.  That feeling gets to them even when not spoken.  Those who attempt to limit or control you do not understand that you are a very special person.  That is very easy to say for any person choosing happiness as a way of life is special and any who do raise their happiness help many others to do the same.

Suppression of feelings from within creates internal strife within the body and frequently some type of viral infection results from that stress.  Continuous stress can cause serious body reactions and eventually if uncorrected some type of physical damage.  With that assumption it is very easy to see why it is extremely important to remove sources of stress from your life in the gentlest way possible.

Your soul has a very large input in your life and is frequently the source of the most creative and loving part of you.  Listening when you are being led gently and lovingly can bring about more happiness than you thought possible.  Self-limitations when being led in this manner can slow your progress towards happiness.

Acute awareness of people and things around you can make life much more interesting.  Open-minded viewing of happenings and people can bring about a better understanding of the world we all share.


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