Month: November 2007

Grandpa Muir

I didn’t spend much time with my Grandpa Muir but it was always fun to see him. One of my earliest memories is going down to the local creek to do some fishing in his hometown Adrian, North Dakota. The last time I saw him was in 1986 when I was driving through the Tampa, Florida area. We talked for a couple of hours and it is one of my most memorable conversations I’ve ever had. He took the time to remember his life and passed onto me a story about his father.

I will not be able to recall it accurately but I’ll try. Many years ago, in the nineteen twenties, Grandpa’s father was a farmer. He had a pocket watch that he treasured but one day he lost it while out in the fields. He looked for it but couldn’t find it regardless of how hard he tried. Grandpa had told me that he always had it tied to his clothes but somehow had managed to drop it anyways.

Several years later, a neighbor, by chance, located the pocket watch and returned it to my great grandfather. It was somewhere between five and ten years between being lost and being found. Surprisingly, the watch still worked and was in fairly good condition.

Grandpa Muir inherited the watch and to him it meant more than just a watch. To him, it was a memory of his father and that which a father passes on to his son. In this honor, he passed the watch to me that night. At this point, his son, my father, was a bit wayward. In fact, it became clear that night that Grandpa Muir was hoping that I would continue this branch of the Muir name since the other Muir males were unlikely to have children. It was a simple wish of a man that knew that he would not be in this world for much longer.

I still have the watch safely tucked away. I will keep it until it is time to pass onto my son. I will tell him this story and let him know how special he is and that my Grandpa wished he would arrive. It is a simple tradition that I hope will continue as long as our family will remember where the watch came from.

Recently I found a small summary of my Grandfather written by another family member I will not disclose:

Donald Glen Muir was born in Dean Township, December 31, 1911, to parents Gale and Bessie Muir, on a farm five miles south of LaMoure, North Dakota. Don moved into LaMoure with his parents and two sisters in 1913 where he received all of his education and graduated from the local High School in 1929. He attended Wahpeton State Science School, worked with his father in construction, then joined the CCC’s in 1933. On May 28, 1935 he married Vivian Lois Lancaster. He received an appointment of assistant postmaster in LaMoure and then transferred to Adrian, North Dakota as a rural mail carrier, where he spent the rest of his working career. After retirement, Don and Vivian traveled around the country in their fifth wheeler until full retirement in Florida. Vivian died in 1986 and Don died May 21, 1988.

My grandparents visited us a few times in Illinois before the divorce in their fifth wheeler. The fifth wheeler was really a pickup truck hooked up to a massive mobile home. It seems that they traveled around this way for years. I have a memory of them parking next to our circular driveway and watching a small black and white TV that was playing the Lone Ranger. This was pretty high tech for 1974 or so.

The last visit with Grandpa was so memorable since he told me things that are only visible at the end of your long life. He missed his friends and family that had already died. He felt lonely and basically understood that his time was drawing to an end. It was the first time I had ever seen this affect someone and seeing it affected how I looked at these kind of things as well.

He was a very kind man. Both of my grandfathers were great men and in that way I was very lucky. I wish I could have spent more time with him but I also appreciate the time that we had. Sometimes it seems like he still looking over my shoulder and trying to shield me from the more troublesome problems that life throws at you. I miss him.



Much of what happens in our mind happens when we sleep.  The brain tries to make sense of the day and wash out all the extra stuff that is not necessary to keep.  In a way, the mind tries to solve problems using the very creative aspect that makes us human.

It is reasonable to expect that the mind would do this.  Nothing bad happens from these night experiments.  The virtual world our mind lives in is completely safe even though it might not always seem so.

The only risk is doing things physically when you are asleep.  This could range from talking all the way up to sleepwalking.  They say that sleepwalking is dangerous (which it is) but the myth goes that it is dangerous to wake a sleepwalker.  The theory is that it would be too much of a shock and that real injury might come from collapse or falling on something.

Perhaps it is true.

However, a sleepwalker will dream and walk.  There is no telling where the mind really is.  All the sudden the dream is not so safe to the person dreaming it.  The risk becomes real and the dreamer must awake before doing something which could be disastrous.

Some could say that some people sleepwalk even though they are fully awake.  From the point of full awareness, this is very true.  If you are not fully aware, you are not fully awake which must mean that you are only sleepwalking.

Perhaps it would be better to either let someone wake you up or to realize that you need to set the alarm.  Either way, you could save yourself some great harm.

View of Humboldt from Space

This one is just for fun.  Not everyone would bother to use Google Earth to find small places like Humboldt.

Google Earth is such a great idea.  Not only are the pictures useful but they also happen to be free.  There was a time that this cost heaps of money and in general was not accessible by the average person.  Things certainly have advanced in this area.

This is the thumbnail of Humboldt.  Please click on it if you would like to see the full size picture.

Space view of Humboldt Minnesota

What’s cool about this is that you really can understand how small Humboldt is.  Based on the census of 2000, there are only 61 people left in town.  This seems to be directly related to how many people it takes to farm.  It is now common for a farmer to need at least 2000 acres to be able to make a go of it.  With the same of amount of land available, this means less farmers.  Another trend is to move out of towns and be located closer to the fields.  Or, perhaps it is not so important to be located close to the farm at all.  In a place where it takes 20 minutes to get anywhere else, it is understandable that people don’t mind driving.

In general, the old small towns are dying.  There is a incredibly small town between Humboldt and Hallock called Northcote.  Over the years, I watched as more and more houses disappeared.  Years ago, I heard that only three families still lived in town.  I do not know what the latest count is.  In a way, Northcote was like a modern ghost town.

I just tried to find you a decent reference for Northcote but basically it does not exist anymore.  Instead, I found this interesting reference for Kittson County Townships matched with towns.  Northcote does show up here but only in a brief mention.  I am certain that a more extensive search would find more information but I was really only looking for surface information.

Grandpa would have liked this technology (Google Earth).  He loved his fields and he always loved taking the visitors for the farm tour.  Google Earth would have been icing on the cake to be able to see any of his fields from the sky.  He really loved farming and would share his enthusiasm with anyone that would listen.  He had some really great stories and ideas and I really wish that there had some way to capture this before he had his stroke.  It seems like these kind of things are just destined to be lost unless someone takes a hell of a lot of energy to preserve them.

I think the real problem is that young people just take these kind of things for granted and that it is only when they enter middle age do they realize that the older generation knew something special and perhaps it would have been wiser to learn and record a bit more instead of going and repeating the same mistakes over again.

Anyways, here’s a sample of Humboldt.  You’ll notice that the co-ordinates are part of the picture so that you can hover over the area in Google Earth if you so desire.

Michael’s Phoenix: New Starts and Growth

[Chapter 11 – Last one]

All the information previously given is unnecessary if you simplify the whole process by caring for and loving self and all others without restriction regardless of race, sex, national origin, political philosophy or religious philosophy.  This caring melts the ice within and removes the barriers.

There are three major ways of dealing with emotional problems.  Suppression, expression and understanding.  Knowing when and how to use each method is very important to the development and maintenance of your peace within.

Understanding why some particular situation occurs is normally the method of choice.  There are times, however, in these growth situations when understanding is difficult and another method must be used.

Expression is useful in communication but seldom in any other way.  Discuss the problem with the person or persons involved.  Do whatever needs to be done to release the pressure as long as it does not harm self or other beings.

As a last resort suppression of your feelings may be necessary to prevent harm, but make sure that you do not dwell on it and that you give it your deepest understanding for suppression builds inner stress and must be alleviated in some manner.  Anything that increases stress levels builds blocks to the inner being and can create illness in the body.

When you begin to understand that other beings do not understand when they do acts harmful to self or others you have made a giant step forward on your road to inner peace.  The more comfortably you learn to deal with those parts of your life that have caused great stress the quicker you will find that inner peace.

The light reflection from your pupil area and the reflective quality of the iris area is ways of monitoring the growth of your internal energy.  The more you help your self and others the quicker the reflective qualities grow.  Internal peace and a lack of pain are also indications of your growth.  As your life smooths out you will also notice an increase in the number of people that you meet with high reflective qualities and positive loving attitudes.

As we help each other we grow much more quickly to master of self-status.  Each person that raises his or her happiness and peace level helps all others on the planet raise their comfort level.  As comfort arrives more openness of worldview occurs and the happenings around us become much more clear and easy to understand.

New starts must be encouraged to follow their inner guidance.  Deep within each of us is a warm loving person that can be cultivated, gentled and encouraged to fulfill our fondest dreams of a rich full life.

Gambling on your self is a good bet.  Depending on others to do it for you is a slow uncertain path.  Depth is only found if you actively seek it.  Pleasant atmospheres particularly in the presence of those you care for is conductive to rapid comfortable opening.

Pain, suffering and illness including body disorders are unnecessary in growth patterns.  An awareness that you no longer have to accept illness is a major step in gentle growth.

The decision that anger and pain do not serve you can have a similar effect in improvements of attitudes.

Inspect the way you treat other beings and search within to see if you would accept that treatment from others.  If the answer is no then a reevaluation of your behavior patterns is in order.

Direct vocal communication between beings is the most efficient method of repairing problems.  Richness is within all of us and positive reinforcement for self and other beings is a great help in building self-confidence and the ability to see life more clearly.

Live, love and be happy for today you may begin to live the life you deserve.  Always keep your hope and faith and never give up.  Day by day and moment by moment make those choices that serve your happiness.

T-H-E   B-E-G-I-N-N-I-N-G

Michael’s Phoenix: Inner Guidance

[Chapter 10]

Planet safety must be assured by a gentling of all beings and things. We must approach problem solving in a gentler manner. We must not continue to waste human lives. Now is the time to get all things assembled for gentle loving growth of awareness.

A rapid decline in world deaths would bring an awareness of the higher power within us all. People are so used to a fixed or semi-fixed rate of disaster that a sudden cessation of loss of life would open many minds, eyes, ears and hearts.

Transition time has arrived for all those who can help bring awareness of the value of world peace. They can be of great assistance in bringing others to their peace and acceptance. Those that are already peaceful must help where their particular expertise is the most valuable.

Energy emissions by loving whole beings are safe. They are not harmful to any. The acceptance of that energy can bring peace quickly.

Those that resist that openness will find it more and more difficult to operate not because they are doing anything wrong but because more are doing things so well. The lack being experienced by those in growth patterns is short lived because the energy and consciousness is increasing so fast.

God has been blamed for many things that have been contrived by beings for unknown reasons. What they do not understand is that they have created their problems and their pain collectively.

There is nothing wrong with material advancement but when it occurs at the expense of other beings comfort and self growth then it also hurts the growth of the being perpetrating the distortion. Attempt to fit into the world with gentleness and caring and the world will flow with you. Material growth from this point of view will be extremely rewarding. Help those you can help without hurting your self.

As your particular energy field becomes gentle that energy will help others to understand and learn how to gentle their energy fields. Others can release the blocks and limits that they have been imposing when they find the richness residing in you because you have released the need for blocks and limits.

This is the place for human as well as spiritual growth. If you accelerate one without the other you will begin to have very large problems within the total self.

We must help dispel the nasty rumors that departure is desirable. Any truth in that belief would have been confirmed by now by the number of open loving beings coming to oneness and departing. But those beginning to find their one self are gaining health and stamina to assist others. We must stay and grow aware to be able to help each other.

Do not depend on each other but assist each other. Dependency is expecting someone else to do for you. Assisting is helping another or being helped by another without expectation.

Awareness is interpreted as threatening by souls that do not understand sharing. It is not hazardous to any to develop clear awareness. We are all here on a lease system. We must not use up our life by confusing growth with problems. Even now the problems encountered with the growth of awareness are minor compared to life in stagnation or living in fear.

Free will only works when you get mind, body and soul on the same crossing points in synchronization.

Healthy happy beings become aware of their reality so much more quickly than do tense stress filled beings.

As the forerunners of this experience break out the patterns of restrictions by others they will be able to assist those following close behind with financial and spiritual support. As soon as the restrictions are removed the quality of life will improve for all not resisting their awareness.

Michael’s Phoenix: Amorous Males

[Chapter 9]

There are many male beings quietly seeking loving females. Many have been overlooked or misunderstood for they are not aggressive. Many fit the descriptions quoted by females as desirable but they are frequently bypassed for their more aggressive and sometimes more obnoxious brothers. When the females in general begin to see these beings as the supportive beings they can be, many relationships can bloom.

An acceptance of female equality by the males and females of the world will enhance rich relationships.

Natural fears exist to protect a being from harm. A lack of unnatural fear can bring many males to their awareness of wholeness and their reality as an amorous love force on this planet. Only their suppressions can prevent awareness of the riches inside and out.

Surrounded by the beautiful females, it will be very difficult to continue any distortion. There are many peaceful male beings patiently waiting for the female halves to arrive in their lives.

Generally males have as much emotional depth as do females and they are growing much more aware of this. The females are becoming more independent and more intellectually aware of their being.

Balanced beings are developing from both sides of the complementary pairs. The males can quickly quell the fears instilled and the females can rapidly teach the males warmth and tenderness.

Gentle the emotions and find peace within. The motivation of caring is deep and rich and can help if you let it. Search your heart for the depth of your feelings and let them combine with logic to find the new world that already exists within each of us. The deeper we search the more likely we will find peace and happiness.

It is not difficult to find. It is a matter of coming to a gentle peace and the inner feelings lose the distortions and begin to flow gently and calmly. The guidance becomes more effective with inner peace. The worldview becomes different and gentler with the understanding of self and others.

All are supremely important and all must be supported and promoted if we are to succeed. We wish to be full functioning human beings full of the stuff that brings understanding and gentleness to self and others. Never forget self but do not put self above others or others above self.

All are equally important no matter which sex, race, nationality, politics or religion. All are acceptable as long as you are not stepping on your partners on this planet. Accept your total being as it is.

Anything that does not hurt self or others is acceptable. Suppression only increases blockages of the inner self and the guidance that can bring great and wise understanding into your life.

Do not suppress those things that bring happiness and joy to your life. A zest for life is very important to internal growth and happiness.

Michael’s Phoenix: Amorous Females

[Chapter 8 of Michael’s Phoenix. Written by my Dad in 1987]

Many females have all the essence of complete beings but have to battle the fear and self-judgment instilled in them by the cultures of the world.  It is not useful to assess blame for this phenomenon for it only increases the separation.  Now are the times to be supportive of these beautiful beings that have been carrying excessive loads for far too long.

The continuous flow of warmth and love radiating from deep within the soul creates a very strong attraction to the male half of all beings.  This creates a warmth and tenderness in all uncomplicated males.  Sometimes the signals emanating from the female beings do not match the conscious actions of the outer being.  Much confusion fills both the females and the male when this occurs because there is serious conflict in the messages arriving at the different levels.

Many females, because of cultural suppressions, think poorly of their self and most are just fine the way they are.  Supportive men can help alleviate these insecurities and fears and help the female beings come to comfortable happy connection rapidly.  There is seldom a problem that cannot be solved with gentle persistent love without restriction or control.

All flows gently when you have even the smallest spark of self-confidence.  Build on what you do have and allow your true feelings to leak through so you can find your peace without fear or restriction.  When in a hyper state slow down, take a deep breath and find some peace so that your true feelings have an opportunity to come to consciousness.

Do not despair.  Life is rich and deep and we are all much better than we ever knew.  As time unfolds our little mysteries, we will find more meanings to our lives.  We are here to learn and to be happy while we learn.

Depth and height have no limit.  Only what you impose on your self and each other.  Go for it.  It’s worth it.  Feel the healing.  It is warm and wonderful.

Gentle affection does as much for self as it does for others and both are equally important.  Dump the garbage from your life.  Down deep are the answers that you are seeking.

All are beautiful and are drawn to warm centers of affection and love to learn how they can be warm centers.  As one grows, all grow.  So individual happiness is as important as group happiness.

Plumb the depths and find your answers.  Not always the quickest most efficient way to awareness but at least a part of you that can help if it wishes.  That does not mean that all answers are solved instantly but it starts a new growth that is rich.

Believe that you are a beautiful being and that the conscious part of you is as important and as energetic as the inner part of you.  When all aspects of you are working together for self-happiness great improvements are available.

Self is so important that suppression can prevent growth.  Unless you are happy it is extremely difficult to share much with anyone else.  A view of your past may provide clues as to how you can improve you overall happiness and future relationships.

There are no rules or limits.  Only those you impose on your self or accept from other beings.  Pay attention to your inner guidance and seek the smoothest path to your happiness.  We all have the energy and feelings to love many unrestricted and have to choose for our self what does work comfortably.  Each being is important to its self and to those with whom they share their space.