Just Heard The News Today

The journey through life is uncertain.  It is the unexpected news that can change our outlook on life instantly.  Sometimes it is a shared event that everyone remembers.  It could be anything from a celebrity death to a terrorist attack.

It’s the personal events that really shock.  Recently, I have had such a jolt.  It is the classic reaction to initially resist the possibility.  Then, it becomes more like denial.  Hopefully acceptance comes later.

There really isn’t much personally that I can do.  I can give my support and do whatever I can but I cannot reverse the possibility of what might happen.   It is terrible to feel so unable to help with the battle.

I can’t get into the details right now and perhaps I never will.  Its fairly safe to talk about the emotions of this moment but I do not want to upset the emotions of the other people involved.

At this moment in time, I want so much.  It is hard to let go of the belief that things will not change for the worse.  I know everything will be okay eventually but the skeptic in me finds it difficult to accept.

These are the kind of times that make me feel numb.  The raw emotion just tears away strips and it is hard to allow this to happen without reacting with some kind of armor.  Its never been easy this way.

So, on we go.  The ride continues and we don’t know where it is going but we do know that we can’t expect that we will always get what we want.  Somehow deep inside we find what we need to do and we do it anyways.

It is these difficult times that truly define who we are.

As was once explained to me, it is on the field of battle that people are sorted.

The person who does exactly what they are meant to do can walk across this battlefield unscathed.

However, it is incredibly difficult to follow this path without being dragged into the vortexes of  defeat.

The point is that you have to believe that you are strong enough and wise enough to make the right choices.   It’s time to put this advice into use.


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