Advice That Helps

Some time ago, I mentioned an article by Marshall Goldsmith that I really enjoyed. It’s called “The Best Advice I Ever Received” and it is about advice that he received as a Ph.D. student from his mentor Dr. Fred Case.

It is only two pages long and takes just a few minutes to read. I highly recommend reading this since it will most likely relate to your situation as well.

In a time when it is so easy to find fault, it is good to know that there is another way of looking at things that can completely change not only your work but also your life as well.

I agree with Marshall that this advice is the best.

Marshall Goldsmith's latest book

Marshall, being a very busy man, has written many books. His latest book is called “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There“. Check it out if you get a chance.

Marshall also has a blog that you will find in the blogroll on this blog. He also has many other articles and other material available at his main location.

Yet another restored post from  The advice is classic and applies to anyone that thinks that complaining is enough to solve problems.  It is clear that decent solutions require help from all levels and the commitment to follow through.


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