Family Union Between Generations

Harvey and Helen Diamond - My grandparents

This picture is of my grandparents and me in November 1965.  It was taken in the living room of Harvey and Helen Diamond’s house in Humboldt Minnesota.  I would imagine that it was my first visit to Humboldt after being born in Topeka in July.  I was the first grandchild from the first child (my Mom).  My sister would next, three years later.  Within five months of my sister, the first cousin would be born.  Over the coming years, my grandparents would become grandparents anew very often.  They have 13 grandchildren.  They now also have 13 great grandchildren.

It isn’t widely known today that Grandpa had red hair.  The old pictures really don’t capture this due to them mostly being in black and white when he had more hair.  His eyebrows were red for years after his other hair turning gray.  My grandparents were amused to have a red haired grandchild and I think Grandpa was actually proud to see the tradition continue.

When I was growing up and saw pictures like this one I had thought that my grandparents were fairly old when I was born.  In truth, Grandpa was 44 and Grandma was 42.  Being that I am about that age now, I understand that forty something really isn’t as old as I once thought.  By today’s standards, being a grandparent in your early forties is not as common as it once was.

I actually lived in Humboldt during my first year.  My Dad was in the Air Force and Mom decided to move back to Humboldt for a bit while he was overseas.  From the stories and pictures of that era, it’s pretty obvious that I was a novelty and that I was highly spoiled with attention.  I guess I was lucky to be first.

In this picture, it is obvious that my grandparents are quite proud.  Now it is time for me to declare that I am quite proud of them.  You’ve done some amazing things and made it seem so easy.  Now that I see things from the other side, I can only appreciate your wisdom and kindness that much more.


2 thoughts on “Family Union Between Generations

  1. It’s strange when we look back on those old photos, isn’t it? I thought they were at least in their 50’s myself. I think it’s because we either feel or expect to be younger/live longer, and we don’t necessarily adopt older styles or attitudes at that age as they were in previous generations. Then again, I know it depends on the individual, the culture, etc., too.

  2. Whenever I see old pictures of Grandma and Grandpa I have the same reaction. They always seemed more mature for the given age than what I would have experienced. Growing up, they always seemed so much older than me to the point where I could never imagine being that old.

    It is only fairly recently that I have began to appreciate that the age difference isn’t so much anymore.

    My theory on this is that people age based on how long they expect to live. If you think you might reach your 80’s, you are more likely to start a family later and also mature slower. It is kind of like how there is a trend for kids to stay home longer into their late 20’s.

    In the past, it was not acceptable to be unmarried after around 22. Everything had a purpose and a time. Attitudes shift and they tend to account for a much longer lifetime than what was previously expected.

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