Humboldt Minnesota Tour 1990

Humboldt Minnesota Tour 1990

Think of a town that is small enough to have sidewalks which are being reclaimed by nature.  Grass becomes the predominate player in the struggle.  Slabs of concrete break apart and heave up and down amongst the sea of green.  Slowly, time erases what was placed by man.  Houses cave in from within from the years fighting against the long cold winters.

Humboldt Minnesota Tour 1990

People build and nature tears down.  Life comes with the cycles of summer and winter.  It is an endurance test without bound.  Nature always reclaims that which belongs to it.

Humboldt Minnesota Tour 1990

Like giant ant hills, humans store food to anticipate the lean years.  Grand silos in the sky hold the future at bay.  No one nearby will go hungry as long as these monsters are fed.  The line of feeding spreads long and wide with the help of a nearby bloodline to the north and south.  With very few people, a nation and world are fed.  The quiet heroes that make sure that we don’t have to worry about growing our own food anymore.

Humboldt Minnesota Tour 1990

A quiet house tucked away in the heart of Humboldt.  This house has had many families since it was built, but to me it is always the house of my great-grandparents.  It housed my grandfather’s family when he was growing up.  It is a big house with a big stove furnace on the bottom floor.  I’m old enough to remember this house as my Great-Grandmother’s house.  She was alive until I was 10 and she was a great friend.  We always got along great and I’m sure there will be more stories in the future about her.

Humboldt Minnesota Tour 1990

This is the house my grandparent’s have lived in since the early 50’s.  Their six kids grew up here and it has been the hub of Diamond activity for years and years.  To me, this house was TRUE home.  It is the one constant in my life of change.   It’s a kind of house that just welcomes you.  The people that make up my family in Humboldt are some of the best people to be around.  The farm life is the heart of what they do and they expect a certain honesty and respect that makes up the community.  This is the house that I spent many summers at until I was in university.

As I get older, I appreciate the times there more and more.  It is just something you don’t understand as well at the time.


5 thoughts on “Humboldt Minnesota Tour 1990

  1. I was lucky enough to live all the time in the town like Humboldt. I lived nearby in St. Vincent, and went to school in Humboldt. I knew even as a kid I was lucky. But you’re right, you definitely appreciate even more later on…

  2. Hi Jeff, I found your blog via Trish’s. I got choked up reading your description of your grandparents’ home. My grandparents, Bo & Clara Gamble, lived in Hallock, and their house for me was “the one constant in my life of change” — I have used those very words myself many times to describe it! Hallock is not the same place it was when I spent summers there as a kid in the 1960s & 70s, but it is still and always will be a very special place to me. Thanks for evoking some great memories!

  3. Trish,

    Thanks for taking the tour and including it in your blog. 🙂 I’m often accused of being a bit nostalgic about my past. Really, the only way to go back is in memories and memories tend to focus on certain things. You were lucky indeed to have experienced such an environment.


    Your description of visiting Hallock with your grandparents closely matches my own experiences. I didn’t imagine that other people would be doing the same kind of things but of course it makes perfect sense.

    My Aunt and Uncle live in Hallock (the Berg’s) and it is a great small town. For Kittson county it is a metropolis compared to the rest of the towns nearby. It has nice neighborhoods with plenty of streets and some great parks. And who can forget the Kittson County Fair?

    Thanks for coming by and sharing a part of your story.

  4. Good Mornin’ from Tallahassee Florida,
    The Diamonds are a name I am quite familiar with, although I don’t know if I ever met a Diamond. My mother is Gwen Easter Vowles. Third child of John and Olive Easter, (last surviving), Will be 88 in August. Last summer we were in Humbolbt for the Centeniel and were devistated to see the the unmarked plot where Grandma and Grandpas house was and is buried. we were assured that it was in much disrepair and would have been more devistated had we seen it.
    The house is gone but the memories linger, as i’m sure they do for you, thanks for the memories……….. Richard

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