Harvey Diamond – 1938 in the News

Awhile back I tried to find out any information about my Grandpa on the web.  Besides finding a fairly famous author with the same name, I couldn’t find anything.

Once I refined the search to “Harvey Diamond” Humboldt, then it found something I didn’t expect:  an old copy of a school paper from Crookston, Minnesota.  Grandpa is mentioned in part because his grades were good.

I’m more impressed that someone took the time to scan the newspaper after all this time.  It was also great to find an echo of his life at school before becoming a full time farmer in 1940.

Grandpa must have been impressed with the school.  He would later send his two oldest children to Crookston.

Aside from Grandpa being mentioned, the paper is an interesting read.  It truly was a different era and it seems like it is getting further and further away as we roll into the 21st century with greater momentum.


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