Dad and Mohawk Boy

Dad and Me - Sept 1965

Shock! Horror! Can it be? Why yes, it truly is a baby with a mohawk.

This picture was taken September 6, 1965 in Topeka, Kansas (according to notes on the back). I have these pictures because my Grandma decided to clear out her picture archives and give them to the people who were in the pictures.

I’m the baby with the “losing my hair” attitude. They say that taking pictures of babies when they are asleep is much easier. So true and very practical advice.

My Dad worked for the Air Force at the time. He was a pilot on the C130 “Hercules” cargo planes. I’m pretty sure he started in 1964 and ended in 1968 to later join TWA as a navigator of 727s.

It wasn’t until I was much latter that I learned that Dad had done flying into Vietnam for supplies trips. He has told me that he only ever brought in non-ammunition materials (which is possible considering the bases there). He now believes that might be one reason he survived given that it was not bad intent.

Anyways, these were early days since I was only five weeks old at the time.

I am the first child and the first grandchild of my Mom’s family. I was heavily spoiled for years to come.

Dad and Me - with our dog Buttons


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