Time Is Of The Essence

There is never enough time to do the things that you want to do.   There is always more than enough time to put off what you don’t want to.   Time is relative to how much fun you are having.  Visits to the dentist or the doctors can drag out for what seems like days.   Meanwhile, time spent with the love of your life goes by in a flash.

Einstein only had part of the answer.  Time is relative not only based on relative speed.  Time is also relative based on what you perceive and whether or not that perception is desired.

Youth typically wastes its time in great abandon thinking there is unlimited supply.  Nevermind the fact that number ticks you get is a limited quantity and much smaller than thought.

I have a clock that was given to me when I turned forty, two years ago.  On its face it tries hard to remind me of what forty years really means.

40 years old… 14,600 days… 350,400 hours… 21,024,000 minutes… 1,261,440,000 seconds… and the best is yet to be!

It’s a reminder to a middle-aged man that life is limited.  It is odd to think that I will roughly live (average expectations) to around 2.5 billion seconds.  From a computer point of view that really isn’t that large.  It is easy to have machines that have memory sizes that big now.  Disk storage is in the hundreds of gigabytes by now.

Anyways, it sometimes seems strange that things are really so temporary.  It is human nature to assume unchanging life.  It is the role of those of middle age to fixate on age (like what I am doing now).

Sometimes it seems like I write things like this just to find new advice.  Sometimes it would help to take this advice more to heart.

In my case time is going very fast.  Life is good and it is also beautiful.  Trouble comes and goes but it is never severe enough to disrupt a positive outlook for the future.

I suspect highly that time is a human invention.  What I mean is that we use the idea of time to explain our perceptions when really our concept of time does not match how things really work.  There has been discussion about this before in scientific articles about the separation between perception of time versus scientific time.  Physics largely ignores perception time and leaves that study to the psychologists and other vocations of the mind.  Physical time is supposed to be more concrete and provable.

However, scientists are human as well.  Humans can make mistakes.  In this case, the overall view of time existing as an entity that can be easily measured and perceived is a fallacy.  (This is where a real scientist would come in and say something like “space and time have already been proven to be linked and that they essentially affect each other”)  That’s fine really.  The point I was trying to make is that time can only be perceived by some form of motion.  That is a baffling idea really.  Growing up I always thought of time as some more universal truth that stood on its own.

Not true.  Even the best clocks in the world are based on the movement of atoms.  The fallacy is that time stands alone.  In common knowledge, this is wrong.

I admit a bit of fascination in time.  There is something about it which I find elusive and yet familiar.

I suspect, like I have heard a few times now, that the mind is what lays time out in a line.  The true nature of time is more parallel than what most people would expect.  In other words, it is like all the possibilities already exist in infinite space and the mind acts as a router through the different points of possibilities.  Better yet, the mind knows where it is going and only is fulfilling the script of what it is supposed to do.  The sense of this is fairly strong but also so incredibly allusive.

Perhaps the research into quantum states can better reveal the nature of parallel time.  This is the classic observer versus observed.  The unobserved stays undetermined.  The observer mind sets the path from unknown to fixed.  This thought caries through to the concept of reality being determined by minds.  This is no statement of fiction but rather truth.  The point is that your choices everyday define the reality of what happens around you.  The unobserved paths remain that way unless you allow for the possibility that the mind travels down many possible paths at once.

To me, seeing things before they happen is more about letting the mind reveal what it already knows.  A scientific mind will not accept this.  Unfortunately, it does happen.  It is not something to be wished for really since revealing the paths can actually confuse the state of mind at the current moment.  Luckily it is usually fairly random in nature and also very harmless (unless you happen to live inside a movie reality 🙂 ).

To bring this to a close… time is really just a label to add to all the other labels with the attempt to describe reality.  This labels are not concrete and not definitive and should not be trusted.  To sense that there is more to time is to open the thought to the possibility that our definition of time is primitive and should not be used to better embed reality into our lives.

Thanks for your time.


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