Coming Home

When is it time to call it quits?  Where is the place to stop?

Many months ago I wrote about Marshall Goldsmith’s view that it is often as important to know when to stop doing something as it is to start.  The example I remember is an executive that is so keen on implementing an idea, that they overlook the fact that absolutely no one agrees with them.

It’s a classic case of putting the blinders on and missing the entire scene.  Commonly this happens to people that are so fixated on the desired result that they are unaware of what the environment tells them.

Many times I have seen this passion drive others into a frenzy.  They wonder why things are working against them and continue to pursue the dream.  Little do they understand that sometimes the dream is just a dream.  Waking hours are not created from within your own mind and therefore that which you desire will not just come from pushing a few buttons.

That was the new thought tonight about the dream of everything being easy.  The next magical phase of human development is supposed to incorporate robots into the household to take care of our drudgery and toil.  Unbeknown to us, every labor saving device actually brings us that much closer to a different form of slavery.

For whatever we buy to make things easier, we are also completely dependent on.  The appliances, the automobiles, and the general wares of society become useful tools but also costly allies.  We have to work harder just to make our lives easier.  We become so dependent that we think that we couldn’t live without the “luxuries” of life.  It gets to the point that we are willing to fight to preserve our precious “way of life”.

For everything time that we believe we are going forward with progress, we are really only fueling the need for further progress.  For progress is a fire that is never satisfied and always thinks that it will be sated only when time ends.

Think back 100 years in time.  The automobile is just a curiosity.  Transportation is still a precious item even though it is so slow.  Communities depend on everyone pulling their own wait and that includes working together.  The cities change these rules with more a model based on cogs and wheels.  This industrial model infects the countryside.  People are sold the dream that some day they will have to work so much less.

Advance to today and you realize that the sales pitch is essentially the same.  The engine of western civilization is always hungry for more without any satisfaction of achievement or general happiness.  The world has become sick with its own consumption.

Given enough time and enough patience, the planet, as a whole, patiently waits.

It, in general, is waiting for the event that it inevitable.  Either the event comes, or the planet rejects its inconsiderate clients.

The event, though not cryptic, is largely misunderstood.

The day is coming when humankind will again unite with the rest of the universe.  The first step is reuniting with Mother Earth.  After that, well, it is more like coming home.


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