August 19

Today signifies the 11th anniversary of meeting my wife. Certainly it was a day that dramatically changed my life.

It was a chance encounter that quickly changed into a life altering event. Neither of us was looking for a new relationship at the time.

However, once we met, it was like finding an old lost friend. So many things happened so quickly and it was like we were meant to be together.

Before I met her I did not think I was going to get married. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to get married but rather that I didn’t think I would find the right person to be with.

The one piece of advice I would give if any one asked would be this.

If you are not sure you should get married, then you probably shouldn’t. When you meet the person you are meant to be with, you just know. There is no easy way to convey this until you know.

Anyways, it pays to be patient. You won’t regret it. It would be nice if your future self was able to talk to your current self and say “It’s all going to turn out just fine.”

This isn’t Hollywood. The future is meant to be a mystery. Imagine how confusing it would be to either see your future or to remember a past life. You would certainly distracted and always looking at some past or future event.

Regardless of your intentions, the future comes anyhow and as long as you don’t mess things up too much, you’ll get exactly what you need to get. Usually you’ll get more. I certainly did.

Here’s to the best 11 years of my life! Cheers.


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