Not Knowing, Not Now

Sometimes you never know what is going to happen next.  It seems that entertainment is largely based on wanting to know what will happen next.  The more surprising it becomes, the more interesting the plot becomes.

It’s no big surprise that someday things will end.  Nothing lasts forever.  That is for sure.  The only eternal things are things that never change.  That can only happen if there is no way for time to affect it.  Based on scientific views, nothing escapes time except for perhaps a black hole.

Regardless, it is easy to think that things will always be a certain way.  It is our conditioning to expect that things will remain fairly constant.  As we get older, we are more reluctant to change our ways.  Some of this comes from being unwilling to learn something new but also perhaps from the belief that new things are not always better.

I can already tell that I’m becoming more reluctant to make big changes.  I’m willing to be a consumer of new technologies but I’m not so willing to learn new ways of thinking or looking at situations.  Sometimes this is good because it is insulation against fads.  Other times it is just reluctance to keep up with the pace of change.

To get more to the point, there are many things I would change in the world if I had the power to do so.  Unfortunately (or rather fortunately) I do not have such powers.   Everyone wants to change the world.

It’s the classic “scope of influence” versus “scope of concern”.  Two circles… one much bigger in most cases.

Enlightenment usually reveals the problem is on the inside.  It is the viewer that is sick, not the viewed.  It is hard to accept that the world is perfectly fine as it is.  It always seems that something needs to be done.

Usually this leads to further trouble.  The best way to understand the dilemma is to realize that when we operate as we always have, we are also blind to what is really going on.  This blindness (or sleepfulness) leads to poor choices which often accelerate the worsening of the situation.  If you were mindful of the situation and removed the artificial pressure, true answers will be revealed.

The secret of any good leader is that they are not based on thought but rather instinct.  They are so in tune with their purpose and deep wisdom that even they do not know what they are going to do until they do it.  Seen in action, it is quite amazing.  The synchronous nature of humanity becomes more apparent.

Perhaps another way of looking at it is that when you resist and fight the world, that is all the world will give you back.  When attacking the outside, you, are, by reflection, really attacking what is you.

It would be so much easier to demonstrate this nature if the connections were more visible.  However, the blindness makes things seem disconnected and unrelated.  In fact, the very act of isolation comes from the belief that things do not integrate together.

On a whole different perspective, the thought that together we form a much more powerful intelligence is becoming more evident.  Given the branch of emergent theory, it is becoming clear that intelligence can emerge from relatively simple systems.  With our nature, we do not see what our combining produces.  But, I personally believe that our collective experience/lives/emotions/knowledge/thoughts… whatever… form something much bigger than what we can see.

The collective intelligence is expressed in many ways that lead to things like coincidences and the strange effects experienced by people that happen to be in sync with each other.

I’m saying this for perhaps selfish reasons.  Why should I care?

Well, I do care because I’m tired of being blind.  I want to help show things that have become a bit more clear.  I’m not expecting any kind of following really.   It’s more about getting information out there and let it circulate in the eddies of the oceans of unlimited ideas.  It’s a shame that so much gets lost.

Personally I’ve been witness to some really strange sequences of events.  Usually I respect what these things mean but every once awhile it just feels like too much.

I was really impressed with two of the books by Eckhart Tolle “Now” and “A New Earth”.  Eckhart has greatly simplified the language of the sage to the point where most people would understand it.  The riddles and puzzles are gone and its place comes clarity.  It should be expressed that the speakers like Eckhart are really speaking the language of nature and age old pondering of life.  Eckhart calls for stillness to better see the moment.

I would say it is more about letting go of everything you think you know and let the true reality come through.

Even the act of self improvement means that you really do not understand.  It is more about realizing that you don’t need to do that anymore.

Enlightenment can become a obsession just like anything else.  The more you think you need it, the more you think you don’t already have it.  An enlightened person sees and knows exactly what they are supposed to be doing.

Some day a new teacher will bring the old message back to life.

Hopefully that teacher will be you, like you knew it was all along.


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